Over the past two Saturdays we have conducted two 6 hour All Day Training Sessions for our HSTS students. These were All Day Trainings with a slight difference, due to our BTC and Government Guidelines we ran the sessions with social distancing and in a Covid Safe way.

After all participants had their temperatures taken, hand sanitised and registered we were ready to begin. To start the day off we covered some very in-depth theory comprising of the theory of power, some of the training secrets and patterns practice. Then focused on fundamentals, correcting some common mistakes regarding stances, blocking tools, applications of attacks, blocks and the basic fundamentals of kicking. This lead into all the relevant patterns for each grade, at the end of that part they were truly patterned out and time for a 30min break with a light lunch.

After lunch, we continued with patterns before moving onto set sparring and principles of self- Defence. This is very different at the moment as we are not allowed to do partner work. However, it is really making the students think, they have to remember 3 step sparring without a partner, and they have to use their knowledge of their patterns and fundamentals to complete the two step and one step sparring alone. A difficult task, but we are confident that it will improve their understanding and use of blocking and attacking when we are allowed to do partner work again.

We finished with a demonstration by both Instructors on breaking, looking at the correct angles and purpose of some kicks. They had to talk us through how to use the Theory of Power to break the wooden boards and bricks in front of us.

A fun training session was had by all.