It was time again for the colour belt grading and black belt assessments, which occurs every three months to give continued consistency for our students. Just after the colour belt grading in March we had to close our doors, but that didn’t stop us. Within a week we were running full 3/4 to 1 hour YouTube Live training sessions as if we were all training together. We then added Zoom lessons with various breakout rooms enabling us to separate the students to focus on individual grade structure. This continued training enabled HSTS to conduct an online Zoom grading in June, once again keeping consistency in our student’s lives. Then very soon after we started outdoor training, followed by getting back indoors and finally having our scheduled grading on the 13th September with over 50 students being able to continue on there journey to the next grade.

As expected the gradings have been different with the various guidelines on social distancing etc, but no less demanding and no less of Taekwon-Do. It was great to see everyone succeed in their grading, and it was to such a good standard, in fact, a better standard than previous, as so many students have learnt the art of training at home to develop their skills in preparation for their grading.

After a little downtime from the technical aspects of our syllabus, we look forward to working towards the next one in December.