(a little review of our ladies class)

March 2015 saw Mrs Williams 6th Dan, Mrs Oakley 4th Dan with help from Mrs Rose 4th Dan conducted a 6 week ladies self defence class. This was held to encourage ladies to start TaeKwon-Do in a ladies only class being taught by female instructors.

This course enabled us to develop a core of ladies that have become regular members of the Ladies only lessons held each week on a Tuesday evening at 7pm.

Our lessons follow the main school programme where we teach fundamentals, patterns, set sparring, free sparring etc. Occasionally we throw in a fitness lesson which the ladies refer to as a “fun” session!

The sessions are quite relaxed, during the warm up you even get a free counselling session, where all topics are discussed as they run round, we call it our own Eastenders!

Some of the students have mentioned that they wouldn’t have started in the mixed classes, so having a ladies only class has given them a great introduction to Taekwon-Do and now train in some of the other classes as they have gained confidence.

In September we will have our first black belts if successful, and even though the ladies train in the other mixed HSTS lessons as well it will be a proud moment for us both as we have helped them on their journey.

The lockdown didn’t stop us as we conducted two online beginners courses which were predominantly women, nearly all of those women have now gone on to train in the ladies class as well as the mixed classes.

So, if you fancy getting fit, making new friends while learning a martial art please enquire to our admin team admin@hsts.biz or fill out an enquiry form here to book your first lesson and start your journey to learn TaeKwon-Do in a ladies only environment.


Mrs Oakley 4th Dan