Online Half Day Training 6th March 2021

That was amazing from my point of view with over 40 of us on a 3 hour online half day training session which seemed like 30 minutes. What a fantastic bunch of students, with a mixture of adults and juniors both colour belts and black belts. We covered all the aspects of the grading syllabus with Mr Callahan assisting we managed to have breakout rooms, thus enabling us to focus on the different grade patterns and set sparring.

I hope it was as enjoyable training as it was teaching, everyone had such a great attitude to learn and practice. These lockdowns have definitely shown us within HSTS that we are a community and are not just here to train together but to support each other when in need.

It’s not long now until we can train together in person and start doing the other parts of our training such as free sparring, bag work, set sparring and self-defence with a partner. It’s so exciting with this coming just around the corner, keep going everyone there’s so much more to come in your training.


Master Horan