Still an amazing week of attendance with 479 attendance count in this first week of March. As we get closer to normality I continue to express the fantastic support from HSTS students and parents with our online training.

Schools now open for everyone and it’s looking exciting for the future, we will soon have an action plan for our return to face to face training. We had a busy weekend with some different online training sessions, an HSTS Half day training, UKITF workshop and a special patterns lesson which I hope has inspired you all even more.

International women’s day is here with a special dedicated lesson for all the cadet girls and adult ladies conducted by Mrs Rose at 6pm 8th March 2021. Here at HSTS, we would like to celebrate all the female students training with us week in week out, also check out our Facebook pages to see some of them and why they train.

The next important event coming up this weekend and next are the colour belt grading, black belt assessments and the UTA black belt grading.

I look forward to seeing you all again on Zoom this week and can’t wait for the grading to see you all progress to the next level ready for our return to “normal” training.  


Master Horan